Game Surplus wants to help us give away a $100 gift certificate to them this holiday season! That's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in hard-to-find games, imports, and awesome domestic titles at great prices. You would be silly not to go for it. So let's tell you how you can win this one!

You are going on a digital scavenger hunt. That means, we want you to find and take a picture of the following 10 items, and then post them on social media. These must be your own content, not something you found on BGG, Google, or otherwise, but rather your pictures, your games, etc...

Each post across any and all platforms counts as an entry. So if you post 10 pictures each on twitter, instagram, and facebook, that could be 30 possible entries! CRAZY. 

Entries will only be taken via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Must be following Low Player Count to be eligible. Each post must hashtag #thanksgamesurplus and tag Low Player Count (@lowplayercount) and Game Surplus (@gamesurplus) to be eligible. No tagging, no winning, only losing.

Ends December 17th at 10pm Texas Time.

The Digital Scavenger Hunt Items:

  1. The best snacks to have at game night.
  2. The place where you listen to Low Player Count the most.
  3. You playing a favorite solo game.
  4. You and your gaming partner playing a favorite two player game.
  5. Your favorite non-low player count game.
  6. A thing in your life you are thankful for.
  7. Your most wanted game of all-time (obviously this could be someone else's picture).
  8. A picture of a thank you note you have written to Game Surplus for providing this awesome contest.
  9. Any picture incorporating the Low Player Count logo. Find that stuff here.
  10. Any picture with our faces in ridiculous places. Again, find that stuff here.