Twitter: @geauxdonny
BGG username: @Kelann08

Donny is a middle school music educator with a life long obsession of all things Star Wars. When asked what he wants to do, he will always respond with “board games.” You can find him at DFW Nerd Night events in the Dallas area, Dallas Games Marathon, or at his second home, Madness Games & Comics. When not there, he’s probably spending time with his lovely wife or the best dog ever, even better than Travis’ dog.

Donny loves Ameritrash games with healthy amounts of theme and strategy. This does not mean he doesn’t also enjoy brainy Euros or the occasional wargame (when Travis talks him into it). He prefers two-player games with a lot of interaction and higher player counts with less or none!

Favorite Games for Now
Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, Dead of Winter, and Euphoria.


Twitter & BGG username: @DrOctashawn

Shawn is a boardgame and music-obsessed student and full time barista. When not obsessing over Pixel Tactics combos or the music of bands like Joy Division and The Smiths, he’s either studying or hanging out with his amazing wife and their three beautiful… cats, which are better than either of Travis’ or Donny’s dogs.

While he’s willing to give just about any game a shot, Shawn’s favorites are epic adventure games with lots of theme, tactical two player games and medium to heavy weight euros.

Favorite Games for Now
Alien Frontiers, X-Wing, Dawn of the Zeds, Bora Bora



Twitter & BGG username: @travisdhill

Travis could be summed up in a few words: beards, boardgames, music, and coffee. Between full-time work as a high school teacher and full-time husbandry to one awesomely patient wife, Travis spends many hours playing games, brewing craft coffee, discovering new music, and playing with the most adorable corgi ever.

Travis primarily plays solitaire and two-player games. Despite enjoying the company of others, he prefers to tinker around with foam inserts, playtesting games, editing rulebooks, and solo campaigns of boardgames. Though not entirely opposed to more thematic games, Travis enjoys a nice, heavy, crunchy euro or an epically-long wargame.

Favorite Games for Now
Ora et Labora, Cuba Libre, Roads & Boats, and Pax Porfiriana